Beauty Therapy Level 2 – Exam Question Examples

A Beauty Therapy level 2 certification gives a student an excellent understanding of the type of work that is involved with being a Beauty Therapist. With this qualification you will be able to work in a salon, a cruise ship, as a mobile therapist or work from home and there are many opportunities to advance in this exciting industry.

Having a large set of exam questions is essential for any student studying level 2 Beauty Therapy. The exam papers are generally divided into the following sections;

Skin Treatments (this paper usually includes eye treatments also)
Manicure & Pedicure
Make Up

Most awarding bodies give multiple choice questions as the format for their exam papers. With multiple choice you get one question with four possible answers and you must choose only one. Some examples include;

01. How is melanin produced;
a) By cells called Melanocytes – Answer
b) During the process of desquamation
c) In the sweat glands of the dermis
d) By cells called Histiocytes

02. Why would you apply talc to the skin before waxing;
a) To soothe the skin
b) To lift the hairs away from the skin – Answer
c) To make it less painful
d) To cool the skin

03. What is the function of the eponychium;
a) To produce new cells
b) To protect the matrix from infection – Answer
c) To protect from hang nails and ingrowing nails
d) To hold the nail plate in place

04. Which of the following is a contraindication to eye make up;
a) Conjunctivitis – Answer
b) Dry skin
c) Milia
d) Ephelides

When you are revising for your level 2 Beauty Therapy exams use sample questions to constantly test yourself. Spend a couple of days learning one area and then give yourself an exam at the end to test how strong you are on that area. Repeat this on all areas and you will be amazed at how quickly your confidence grows.

The Physical Aspect of Porn Addiction Recovery

Addiction to pornography might seem that it will not cause you any harm but in reality, it does a lot of damage not just to your spiritual being but also with your physical body. The physical aspect of recovery from pornography can prove beneficial to yourself. Masturbating a lot can even lessen your sperm count thus bringing you to the point of being sterile and impotent. Though some doctors and other people say that it is healthy on your part but having too much of something can be bad. A porn addict will be doing the act of masturbation more often than going out and socializing with people. They would prefer to be in the confines of their room and watch pornographic films and have the pleasure they seek in their imaginary world.

This is not really healthy as time passes because they would learn to live in that world they have built with fantasies of the beautiful electronic image of a sexy girl naked and willing to give them their pleasure anytime. Their social lives start to rotate in that small square and people outside are cut off from him. This kind of change in life can also bring a change in eating, exercise and sleeping habits that can seriously deteriorate one’s health. An addict begins to care only about feeding the addiction, even more than tending to the body’s health.

Getting over porn addiction is a good solution to have a good and healthy lifestyle again. Once the person has recovered from his addiction, he would feel the physical aspect of recovery from pornography. He will feel more different and with more power and energy to be able to mingle, play, and socialize with others in a normal and healthy way.

How to Find The Best Anti-Aging Eye Gel Serum

The eye area is the first to show aging signs. No one, men or women, like to see these start to appear. This can be the beginning of a long frustrating search for a way to stop or at least slow down the unwanted look.

This unwanted look can be wrinkles, puffiness, crow’s feet, sagging skin, dark eye circles and some fine lines. All of this can make one look much older than they really are. So what do you do?

The best and most effective way of reducing and hopefully eliminating such signs is by looking for the best anti-aging eye gel or serum.

The good news is that there are plenty of such products in the market today. Unfortunately, you may not be able to know the most effective ones from the least effective ones. All these products are marketed as the leading anti-aging cream. Some of them are able to eliminate and minimize these signs of skin aging while others are not as capable.

Even though a lot of companies have the products, it is almost impossible to know the best in the market without having some information about them. The only way this can be done effectively is by having some tips on how to know the best anti-aging eye serum or gel in the market. Such tips will help an individual find an eye cream that suits their needs as well as one that will ensure they get the desired results.

The first thing that you should bear in mind is finding the best anti-aging eye gel will require a lot of hard work and thorough research. Aside from being effective, it is also essential to ensure the said product is safe and does not have any side effects that may make matters worse or have a negative impact on your health. By following a few tips, you should be able to easily find a product that has these qualities.

Start by getting a list of some of the most popular anti-aging eye creams. Getting such a list is not difficult as you just need to do some research on the Internet. Make sure your list has about ten of the most popular and proven products in the market today. Avoid looking at new products as they will not have been tested and proven effective by the public. Once you have your list, you can move to the next step.

The second thing you should do is look at the consumer feedbacks and reviews for each product. Any product that is used by people will have a certain level of feedback. The information you get from the feedback of different consumers will help you have an idea of what to expect from the product. For example, some products will have a higher number of negative feedbacks than others. These products should be avoided as they will prove to be unsuccessful and a waste of your money.

You should be careful when you are evaluating the feedback of a product. In some cases, some companies actually pay people to give positive reviews about their products. The best way to find independent and legitimate reviews is by going to a forum that is concerned with eye gels. From such forums, you can find people who have used a particular product giving their honest opinions and experiences.

Now that you have found a small number of the best creams, you can further determine their effectiveness by looking at their ingredients. The latest breakthroughs that have been clinically proven to be effective and safe should be part of the ingredients of any good eye cream. Research about such ingredients and find out if the anti-aging eye cream of your choice has them. Any product that does not have such ingredients should be avoided.

The manufacturers of the remaining products in your list should be taken into consideration. A good manufacturer is one who has a good track record and significant experience in the field. The manufacturer who has these qualities should be the one you choose to try out their eye cream products.

Also does the company have a money back guarantee? If not, pass.

Since people react differently to different products, try getting a sample before you buy any product. But if the money back guarantee is part of their policy, then you have your sample. The above steps will help you get the best anti-aging eye gel or serum.

Find a Gorgeous Date on Beautiful People Dating Sites

A beautiful people dating site sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? After all, there are a lot of people who think they’re pretty hot stuff, even if nobody else thinks so. The good news is that there are actually few very good beautiful people dating sites you can count on.

On beautiful people dating websites, you just aren’t going to come across tons of unattractive profiles like most other dating sites. In fact, most of the members are downright gorgeous! Haven’t most of us heard someone incredibly attractive say, “I never get to date anybody because everyone’s intimidated by my looks?” On beautiful people dating sites, that’s definitely not a problem.

Want to date only the most attractive people online? Beautiful people dating sites may be the perfect solution. You can find lots of others just as attractive as you are and get to know them. Let’s face it; if you are attractive, you want to find a partner who is as good-looking as you are. On beautiful people dating sites, you’re guaranteed to find plenty of choices.

Strict criteria keep these sites exclusive. You can’t simply post your profile and picture to join beautiful people dating sites. Existing members will decide if you are “hot” enough to join their community. Sure, it sounds shallow, but if looks are important to you, it’s the best way to get the cream of the crop.

Submit your best photo to register. To become a member of beautiful people dating websites, you must submit a photo and profile, and after 72 hours you will be notified if you’ve been approved. Obviously, no one can join and post a profile without a clear, recent photo of themselves.

Since looks are central to these sites, most of the pictures are of high quality. Many members have professional portraits taken. There are also lots of pictures in bathing suits so that you get the full view of face and body.

Site safety and your privacy is top priority. The up side to all of this is that exclusivity also means safety. Every membership is reviewed, all information provided is verified. The person whose picture you see is really who they say they are, and the site protects your privacy vigilantly.

Once you’ve become a member of the beautiful people dating sites, you’ll have a great time. After all, browsing through thousands of gorgeous member’s profiles isn’t a bad way to pass the time. Features like chat allow you to talk to others in real time, file sharing means you can also send files and pictures back and forth to anyone you’re interested in, and many other features to help you connect with others.

Although membership is based on looks, but these dating sites serve the same purpose as they do for everyone, finding that one person who’s right for you.