Unique Six Pack Abs Exercises For Flat Abs

If you are looking for exercises that will help you develop a six pack, then you are in luck. This is because you will find not one, but 7 different types of exercises here that will all help you to build a nice set of abs. Let’s have a look at those exercises now:

1. Motivational exercises

Before you start with the actual exercises, you have to do exercises of another nature – motivational exercises. These include writing down your reasons for wanting to get a six pack and reading it twice a day and also to keep a visual reminder of your number one reason where you can see it often. You can also keep a picture of a model with abs that you would want at a place you can see often. Setting goals will also motivate you to achieve them – make sure to set exercise and diet goals.

2. Diet make over exercises

Your diet is also very important if you want to build a six pack. Do the following diet make over exercises:

  • Cupboards clearing – Rid your cupboards of all the unhealthy and cheat foods.
  • Food dairy – Keep a food dairy where you can write down everything you eat. This will help you to see where your eating habits are wrong.
  • Food frequency – Switch from 3 square meals to 6 smaller meals more often and make sure that your meals are super healthy.

3. Weight training

Weight training is the most important exercise when you want to build a six pack. This is because the act of muscle building (trough weight training) burns a lot of fat and it also boosts your metabolism so that you burn calories even in your sleep. Aim to exercise your upper and lower body at least 2 times a week for 45 minutes each.

4. Cardio

Cardio is also an important element for building flat abs. It burns a lot of calories and fat. Don’t waste your time on long hours of steady state cardio – it is actually bad for your abs. Rather focus on super effective cardio interval training. Aim to get 3 cardio interval training sessions in a week of 20 minutes each.

5. Abs exercises

Abs exercises are mentioned after the other exercises because it is not the best way to get a six pack (except when you have no tummy fat). When you do abs specific exercises, make sure that you exercise all the different muscles of the abs – the internal and external obliques and the upper and lower abs.

6. Stress relieving exercises

When you stress too much, your body produces excess cortisol that in return causes your body to store excess fat on the tummy area. To avoid that from happening, do some relaxing exercises like yoga and Pilates.

7. Free exercises

Free exercises helps you to burn off even more calories to help you lose body fat in order to see your abs. Anything like mowing your own lawn, taking the stirs instead of the lift and playing outside with your kids will help.

These exercises will help you to burn off excess calories and fat and will see that you develop a six pack abs. All you have to do is to implement all these exercises and be committed and dedicated to your goal.