High Protein Diets Are a Great Way to Meet Your New Years Resolution

With 2011 just around the corner, many people are already making plans to “lose that extra weight” next year. However, many will give up on their resolution because following a diet is often hard and does not show instant results. Others may give up because the diet drains their energy. People wishing to lose weight, especially women, but not wanting to feel drained and lethargic should consider a high protein diet this year.

Isn’t A High Protein Diet All Meat?

A high protein diet does not necessarily mean that all you are going to do is eat meat and nothing else. It means that the bulk of the foods you consume each day will be protein-based. Protein rich foods include meat, many beans and legumes, nuts, peanut butter, eggs and Greek styled yogurt. Proteins are easily converted to energy and do not boost your insulin levels like high carbohydrate foods. This is especially important for women who have a tendency to be insulin resistant.

What Is Insulin Resistance And How Does Protein Help?

Insulin resistance occurs when your body cannot process the complex sugars you eat each day and automatically converts these sugars into fat storage. Protein, however, does not produce insulin, but converts to energy. With your body converting the food you intake into energy instead of fat, you will begin to lose weight. Also, during this process your body will start to recover from the insulin resistance and allow you to process complex carbohydrates better.

What Are Some Popular High Protein Diets On The Market?

The Adkins Diet is perhaps the most famous of these types of diets. However, The Protein Diet, The Flat Belly Diet and The Zone are all types of high protein diets that have been successful for countless people.

Are High Protein Diets Hard To Follow?

Just like any diet, a high protein diet takes some adjustment. If you often eat a doughnut for breakfast, making time to have an egg instead may require some more time on your part. This type of diet is about eating the foods that will cause your body to create energy and burn fat. You will need to get in the habit of eating specific foods by replacing your current choices. If you can make eating protein a habit, the diet will be a success.

Just remember: If you wake up one morning and eat a doughnut, the diet is not ruined. Finish the day eating on the diet and start your next day with the intention of completing the diet for the entire day. Through many failures comes success.