Children Hold the Key to Prosperous Living – Teach a Child Well and He Will Be an Exemplary Citizen

Children are the instrument to the future progress and function of our society in every key, color and nation; Children will fix the future of our current mistakes in society for all nations around the world to live and see!

If we allow ourselves to engage in learning along with a child, we can form a bond with peace and happiness for many generations to follow. As we progress in society, it is with reflection that we seek to understand the ideology that best describes how to measure what makes child rearing unique to every nation and culture around the globe. Although we may be separated by religion, culture or tradition, we are all more universally the same, in the way that we love our children, and choose to help grow and nurture their minds to prepare them for a better life, than we ourselves live.

Child-rearing is more about commonality than morality or geography. Raising a child is a joy, a delight, a mission or an accomplishment. Once you decide to be a great mom, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin or godmother,godfather, or even stepmother, or stepfather, you have made a contract to show your very best personality, attitude and input that is required to be a positive influence in the young impressionable life of a young soul that is making his way in life and deciding what example he/she would care to emulate or follow.

While raising children can be all- encompassing, it can also be a unique experience, or a great mission to fulfill! You can be fulfilled by adding your own expertise when teaching or mentoring a child;teaching with clarity and empathy, you can achieve great feats of teaching advancement while mentoring. While mentoring you are also sharing your life-learned knowledge by teaching a child the ability to learn from the mistakes that you made. You can teach them how to avoid, by not repeating the same mistakes that you made in your youth. Teaching can be as simple as making different choices that are more factually based than emotionally driven or the benefit preparation. Preparing for the trials of life can help a child recover more quickly than if they were uninformed about cause and effect and consequences. Consequences for our actions are part of life for everyone, at any age, and understanding how it plays into everyday life is helpful for developing a child’s understanding of self-responsibility.

We all remember being teased at school, at one time or another; we can all relate to being shy and not wanting to read aloud, in front of the whole class. We got past it and learned to master our insecurities. Mastering our insecurities goes on throughout the rest of our lives. That is something that children need from us, to learn the ability to nurture themselves when feelings of vulnerability creep into their self-esteem.

Raising a child is more about giving children the skill-set and the tools that they can use when we are not around to guide them. Children, that are well-rounded, usually had great influences and people who emulated strong self-control and self-sufficient traits that the child, in their periphery, chose to emulate.

Ask any child whom he would consider to be a great influence in his life and most children will choose people who have either overcome obstacles, by setting goals and displaying good self-esteem, or by a caring and compassionate person who offered them a lesson, in the process, of an interaction that they remember. If you think about child rearing you may agree that although life is a lot less social that it used to be, it is a lot better to socialize more with great family members and friends than to live alone. In the process, of raising a child, comes a young,impressionable soul looking to feel comfortable in your village of people.

Although people may look different and process their ideas of truth and justice differently, or have a different constitution than you, or me, people are still seeking to be more alike that different.

If you look at children, that are in your care, on school grounds, or, if like me, are, or have been their teacher, or, in your home, or, at your job, you can take a reflective guess and notice that children are all born with a desire to have friends and desire to belong to a collective group of members that are blend well with each other and enjoy doing the same types of social or intellectual things.

Sports can unite children. as can attending class, or engaging in music or watching a great film. Teaching children to relate better, to one another, to their environment, and to be socially engaging with new people, can help create better self-esteem and a better world view with acceptance that has a domino-effect on the planet. All in all, we all want to have and to raise exemplary citizens that will be well equipped to fix and solve the problems that we leave behind.

Can you imagine how proud you’ll be when your son or daughter becomes the next big-named lawyer, news anchor, sports reporter, UNICEF Ambassador or the favorite teacher of the year? I believe that if we invest in our children that we are investing in our society and making our world, as a whole, a much better place to live with diversified, informed, prepared young exemplary citizens!

One day our children/posterity will congregate with one another and hopefully,speak more about the good things that they learned,with one another, than speaking to one another about the shortcoming’s of the people, in the cities, towns and villages, where they were raised! That’s my hope for the future!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!