Family Dental Insurance – Most Families Can’t Afford It, But Here Is A Better Option

Family dental insurance or any type of dental plan, is something that most families need, but don’t have. It’s estimated that 70% of all families in the United States are without any kind of dental care plan. For most people on fixed or low incomes, this means that they simply can’t afford to go. The thing that’s really unfair about this situation is, what about the children? Just because a family can’t afford dental care, it shouldn’t mean that the kids have to sacrifice their oral health.

The biggest issue about family dental insurance is the cost of family plans. Yes, you can get these “cheapo” plans on the internet for $6-8.00 per month, but have you ever actually looked at what these plans cover? Let’s put it this way…Not much. It’s inexpensive to join, but you still have to pay for most of your care out of pocket. An actual family dental insurance plan that has any decent coverage benefits is quite expensive. I’ve seen many of these in the $100.00 per month range, and even then, most of them are designed to cover your preventive care, cleanings, etc. and you’d still be on your own for any major dental work.

A very good alternative that many families and individuals are using now is called a “dental discount plan”. Since these plans aren’t insurance they don’t have many of the limitations that traditional family dental insurance plans have, such as policy exclusions, waiting periods of a year or more before coverage kicks in, etc.

Dental discount plans have been a very popular choice for over fifteen years now, over family dental insurance. If you or your family are in need of affordable dental care, you need to take a look at discount plans first.